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A Partner is a significant and essential provider of services in Anoka County community that is meeting some form of social need.  Some of our service providers are meeting the needs of under served youth.  Others are addressing the concerns of seniors or disabled citizens.  Still others care for the needs of the homeless, those lacking affordable transportation or food, battered women, and those with life threatening illnesses.


The aim of BridgeLink is to collaborate with support organizations such as faith communities and businesses and individuals to help these partner providers accomplish their missions. To that end we mobilize people and resources. 

We prefer to go deep with people and organizations.  BridgeLink volunteers are then able to get to know individuals in need of a restart in their life.  We can come along side of individuals and families and BLESS them toward a restart and sustainability.  


For more about our purpose, values, service-model, and history, click here.


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