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About Us

Just as a bridge links people on two separate land masses, BridgeLink seeks to form collaborative relationships between partnering provider organizations, such as area businesses, the faith community, and not for profit service providers, all for the purpose of “BLESSing” those in crisis.


We sincerely believe that those in need of physical, emotional, financial, and social support will be best served when we work together. To that end, BridgeLink’s role is to identify Not for Profits with similar values that will match people needing a hand up with BridgeLink’s resources of people and assets to provide “Help without hurting”.  Our desire is to ensure gaps are closed in love and support where government and private resources fall short.







In 2005, BridgeLink was founded by Constance Free Church in Andover, Minnesota out of a desire to practice love and good deeds beyond the walls of the church. We are a separate legal entity from the church with a distinct purpose from the church. We were granted 501(c)(3) status that same year.


During 2005-2006, initial collaborative relationships were established with eight of our Service Providers and over 250 volunteers were mobilized. In the coming years, a steady stream of volunteers from Constance Free Church, small businesses, concerned individuals and families participated. In 2019, we now partner with 14 organizations and began the BLESS practice in working with those in need of a restart.  The BLESS practice is BridgeLink’s guiding strategy and principal in choosing those to partner and those desiring help to regain independence and sustainability. 

Below is the BLESS practice:

  • Be in prayer

  • Listen with compassion

  • Eat together

  • Serve others

  • Share stories


Click here to find an partnering organization to begin the practice of blessing.

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